E & I Contracting


  • Installation of field instruments according to approved Hook-up drawings
  • Installation of Marshalling panels, cable laying, Glanding& termination
  • Prefabricate support for Instruments, Support fabrication for cable trays, Junction Boxes
  • Testing, calibration & loop checking with certified testing equipment& Trained technician
  • Provide skilled Engineers, Technicians for shut down maintenance services
  • Terminal Automation contract I&C and Piping


  • LT panels, HT & LT cable laying and termination, Cable Trays, Raceways, Earthing and DBs.
  • HV Switchyards including power transformers, HT panels
  • Total Flame Proof Installations in Hazardous area.
  • Clean room installations for Pharmaceutical and food processing industries
  • Illumination - Internal / External High mast, street and facade lighting
  • Commercial & Residential building electrification